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Bio | love&light

The Big Picture

Never settling for what is comfortable, Dew continues to push forward with her poetry, novels, short-stories and expanding her entrepreneurship with the introduction of Scorn’d Apparel and The PPC Company where she will introduce a new creative apparel line and  as online community (Pen & Paper Culture) where authors, essayists and poets can showcase their talents and reap the economic reward for their creative spirit. Dew is not only committed to exploiting the healing affects of the written, printed, and spoken word but also bringing us along for the ride.

The Basics

Dew was born January 12, 1979 in Jackson, Mississippi where she still resides.

From an early age Dew exhibited a gift with words. From writing the farewell speech for her 6th grade elementary class to having her own poetry section in the Hardy Herald news paper in middle school, it has always been clear that Dew was meant to follow the path that ends with expression.

In High School she received numerous awards for short stories, poems, and prose. In 2001 Dew branched off from writing to into print and publishing start her own company, Medea Publishing, in hopes of aiding others in their quest to see their creativity come to life.

Dew has worked with the Ugly Poet, Jackson Harlem, Dr. Theresa Kearns, Psy.D, Asha Tyler, the Hot to Death Poet as well as countless others seeing their works go from pages to published, not to mention her own projects.

The Books

Scared, released 2004 remains an unprecedented roller coaster of emotion told through poetry, perceived as a story of self-realization and heralded, still, as one of her best works of poetry to-date.

2004 remained a ground breaking year for Dew as she stepped into the spoken word arena winning her first poetry slam. Sponsored by the Women 4 Unity Organization, Dew took home the first place prize in the slam competition. Venturing out, Dew continued to breathe air into her words captivating poetic minds across the country.

Random, Dew’s second release was a different for of poetic assault. Focusing more on social issues such as race, relationships, intimacy and friendship, Random reinvented a consciousness for emotional wellness, showcasing the well-structured, grounded creativity that Dew continues to stroke into existence, inspiring others.

In 2007, Dew released her third poetic-epic, Melodramatic, doing once again for poetry what fresh air does for the lungs.

The PPC Company

Dew by Design Creative Studio

Scorn'd Apparel

Bitter Pen Press

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