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Cinnamon Delight

It’s interesting how people wrestle with the idea of not having control over their own fate. I think predestined fate is a tricky concept. In some cases, very relative, as well. Personally, I don’t think of fate or destiny as this thing that robs me of my power to become who I want to be. I look at it more as an unraveling. I get to witness the decisions that I’ve already made. (I can hear the eyes rolling as I type).
It’s just like zodiac signs. My being a Capricorn does not mean that I am locked into these very restrictive and narrow personality associations. But rather, it speaks to how I share personality traits and characteristics with the whole of those magnificent assholes born between December 22 – January 19. Conversely, those born closer to 12/22 share characteristics with Scorpios, while those who are born closer to 1/19 share traits with Aquarians.
It’s about connectedness. The saying, “there is nothing new under the sun,” used to annoy me. I would think, the internet is new. Or, what about airplanes, they were new at some point. But, when I really think about the connotations behind the statement it brings up so many questions and more, ironically, ideas. Consider the depths of the human mind. At the sight of birds, it is easy to picture yourself flying. The Wright brothers were just first not to die bringing the possibility of man-made flight to life. And that’s the difference, I believe. The idea may not be new to the world but because of you, your interpretation or spin on it could be.
What you do with what you have and how you navigate your circumstances is what defines you. My destiny is who I will become but I am too focused on becoming to dwell on it. My astrological sign can give you a nice generic indication of how I operate, but of course, it won’t tell you that I twist bottle caps in my right hand when drinking water. It won’t tell you that I am still a bit insecure about my scars. It won’t tell you how deeply I love or how hard I pray or just how I amazing I am. Like the journey of life that leads to purpose, you have to experience it for yourself.
I am not a powerless being. Neither are you.
Rock on.