Lotus Flower Rehab

If someone asks me if you’re a shitty person and, in fact, you have been shitty to me, you gotta take that L homie. When I confirm your shittyness, I will offer any relevant caveats (but they are better now, or they were going through XYZ) but if ain’t no (I said what I said) sidenotes, all I can do is tell the truth from what I witnessed.
I have been on both sides of this. Is it uncomfortable? Yes. But, I made them pancakes, I gotta eat’em. Especially if I have done nothing to right those wrongs (or flip those flapjacks).
Some will say that’s wrong or shady and you’re entitled to your opinion.
I been said, if the truth hurts, you gotta quit hugging that lie. May the force be with you, home skillets.