I was lying there thinking about how the same circumstances 8 years ago would have overwhelmed me. The idea of being a leader. The idea of success. Now? Today? I don’t have the luxury of being overwhelmed. I want the life I feel inside. It haunts me. I can’t and won’t force it. But, I won’t sit dormant waiting to feel comfortable or for a right time that’ll never materialize. Today, I want it all. I want the love, the success, the education, the accomplishment, the position, the health – I want all of it. Why is it impossible? If I work for it. . . If I manage those things within my control effectively. . . If I am true to myself and those around me. . . If I step into my strengths with the commitment to be the best version of myself and into my weaknesses with the humility to improve, why would I be defeated? 

I may be doing too much, but I’m just doing what feels right to and for me. That’s a risk I’m willing to take. Scared money does not win. I gotta bet big or go home. So here I am. Out here taking it one step at a time in hopes that I am moving in the right direction to maximize my potential. This isn’t haphazard . This is a plan. I want the girl. The money. The achievements. The life. I want as much of it all as I can effectively manage. 

I’m amazing. We are all amazing. All we have to do is tune out all the noise and focus on us. Who we are, what we genuinely want, and how to get it; we are predisposed- wired-to travel a specific set of roads that lead to our destination: our purpose. We get to choose the rate of speed, the direction, how much we carry as we go, even how far we want to go. It’s up to us. It’s time to stop making ourselves believe that it’s not. 



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