Have a seat

Make yourself at home

Would it be OK if I ask you a thousand questions about

:Who you are

:Who you have been

:Who you hope to become

Tell me about a time that you met a stranger and let them inside

Tell me about a time you froze over with fear and somehow found the strength to keep pressing forward

Tell me about a time that hurt

Made you feel so torn down that air seemed worthless

Is this really the job you want

Revisiting old wounds like a murderer’s playpen

Can you invest in potential one last time

Do you have the resolve to see what’s in front of you


Without the haze of the past or the threat of what-if

The pay won’t be great.

It’ll be rough times with no acknowledgment

Arguments with no resolution

Guaranteed overtime at half the pay

It’s long hours and continuous demands

But in those moments

Those moment when you’re fed up and weary and tired and stressed

There’ll be a glimmer of hope in the form of “thank you,”

“I love you, ”

“I’m sorry,”

“You’re beautiful, ”

It’ll be up to you to decide

In those moments

If tomorrow is worth it

If clocking in one more time, every time makes sense

It’s up to you to re-engage

To recommit

To make the choice for ever

-iamdew ©2016

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