Tumblr Post:

marimopet : the quicker u come to terms with the fact that people change/grow and are complex and contradictory the less ur likely to set them to binaries ++save urself the false sense of deceit when they dont comply to ur preconceived notions of them. cool cheers

Say Huh 

I was not playing when I said I would not be stepping out on another ledge for another individual. I meant that. Unless we are both standing on that ledge together for one another it’s not happening. I’m not chasing you. I don’t care how much we click or I like you. I’m not holding you hostage. I’m not convincing myself you’re the one. I’m not doing any of it. I am tired of people trying to suck me dry of my amazing for their own personal refresh. Reset that ass back to factory settings on your own effort. Not mine.

I am amazing. If you refuse to see that we could be amazing together, it’s not my job to convince you. I’m not Picasso. I’m not about to paint you a masterpiece or cry your ass a river so you can catch the hint. I let you in because I chose to. I made an investment in you because I saw how we could fit together. If your ass is non-compliant so be it. Take these demerits and find new employment. I can’t and won’t.

Nah, I’m lying. I absolutely can but i refuse. Yall got me fucked up. I’m a gahtdamn unicorn. If you wanna be outchea simple with ponies, have the fuck at it. I’m not mad cause you couldn’t get on my level. I’m disappointed you fail to realize you’re already there. However, do you homie.

Love and light.