Some have hated me for it
The stretch
The tear
The awkward silence as it resonates
It’s just another piece
To a poorly put together puzzle
And I keep losing sleep
Losing time
Losing everything but this weight
Atop these shoulders
Covered in this…

Trace my inhibitions
To my fear
Fear that this reality
Hates how thick it must be
For me to simply exists
The audacity of me
To desire
Fields bled dry
Lay barren in hopes
To fill a voided spirit
What can grow here
Other than despair
Other than disdain
Other than more…

I imagine
A touch light as feather
Tracing the cracked edges
Of an exhausted resolve
Fascinated by the life
Etched in perseverance
I imagine
Sincerity shrouded in honesty
Authenticity labored by truth
And patience
I imagine
the permission
To exist in this happiness
in this moment
in this love
Bound by anything but this…

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