1. They keep their guard up a lot, which can make them seem standoffish. They’re pretty cool though. – Cool as a polar bear’s toe nails *big boi voice*

2. Don’t mess with their sleep, especially for dumb sh*t. – Ever

3. They love being spoiled, a lot…. a whole lot. – I don’t even have the energy to deny this

4. If you don’t have something meaningful to offer, keep it moving. – and quiet as kept

5. They show their love their way and if you can’t accept that, too bad. – I mean there’s some room for compromise. Prior approval required.

6. They know how to make a dollar out of 15 cents. Resourceful much? – Constant grind

7. Their humor can make you laugh and have you thinking “did he/she just try to play me?” at the same time. – You were played. But, with love.


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