Soooooooo, your girl turned 36 today. Like for real 36 not for play. I might be a little took at the moment thanks to several donated glasses of platinum patron. But check this, I am excited at what this year is going to hold for me. I am happy at what I am prepped to discover. I can not wait to see the other side of these goals.

Life can be so peculiar. I absolutely find myself questions the purpose in some of the experiences we endure but I have to believe, as a responsible adult who is aware that we live in purpose, I believe what we endure prepares us for the greatness sitting in wait along our journey. Those of us strong enough to walk, head up, and face the obstacles and pain head on, I believe it all pays off in the end. And anyone not able to support, understand and share in that journey has to be let go.

I told people I wasn’t taking their shit into 2o15 with me. I meant that. I can’t do anything about your choices, but I absolutely can control how I respond. So if I say nothing, if I yell, if I scream, it was an orchestrated response to the situation at hand meant to benefit my well being. Period.

I cannot continue to step in the line of fire for people and their poor choices. I’m too busy trying to get my brand of awesome up and running and focused on not making my own poor choices.

Ya dig?

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