Midnight Ride

I’m not afraid that the life I desire doesn’t exist. I’m not afraid that the partner I desire doesn’t exists. I’ve met her, I know she does. My fear is that I don’t have the strength to become who I need to be to earn and sustain this desired life.

This is the hurdle. It’s not physical. It’s not emotional. The answer is will and realization. I know that I am already this person.. I know – this is active knowledge. This means I have to be aware to alleviate doubt and choose to, be willful about continuing to grow and walk in who am I. Awareness earns, will sustains.

“The Lord is my Shephard, I shall not want.” I repeat the 23rd psalm often. It’s stays open on my phone daily. It reminds me that every thing I want is already provided. I know everyone doesn’t subscribe to an organized sense of faith. That’s fine for them. For me, this very simple complex verse reminds me that my needs are provided and my desires are available.

It just rounds out that I am responsible for creating his life. There isn’t anything keeping me from it other than defining it and living in it.

Awareness earns, will sustains.