Respect Deez

It really stresses me out to see/hear people say, “Had he not been…” wearing… saying… looking like… No! Just no.

I personally know how it feels to be judged because I don’t dress how people think “a woman” should dress. I know what it is like for people to literally be aghast when I open my mouth and intelligible, intelligent, articulate sounds spring forth. I understand the frustration of having to shrink yourself so others do not feel threatened because of your size or demeanor. I deal everyday with people who feel entitled to classify me, label me, or call me something other than what I have asked to be called. And when I choose to address these people, challenge these people, correct these people, or just get plain fucking smart with these people, I’d like to believe I could do so without having my life taken.

Respectability politics are a joke. I SHOULD NOT have to prove my humanity. I SHOULD NOT have to prove why I deserve to be treated with respect. I SHOULD NOT have to prove that I deserve to live.

And, make no mistake, it is that serious.

If Michael Brown stole some damn cigarillos please, PLEASE help me understand how that is an offense punishable BY DEATH?? People need to heed their words. Understand the sentiment behind your meaning. Degrading his character is a tactic to play on simple minds who do not register that a criminal act in this country is not punishable by execution.

Assuming, that is, that his only crime was not talking back while being Black.