Why is expression such a bad thing when we have so many ways to express ourselves these days? You can’t befriend people, you can only “friend” people. It’s absolutely maddening. How are you supposed to navigate the treacherous waters of unfamiliar to get a place of association?

Am I supposed to feel bad because I don’t mind opening up? Because purging the useless emotions we can dredge around can cause illness and I’m not here for that?

I see why we can’t be compassionate to one another. We have no clue how to first be compassionate with ourselves. Don’t trust people. Don’t talk to people. Don’t do this… or that… DaMN. What’s left. Asking someone how they’re doing is like accessing nuclear codes. God forbid, you ask for something more personal like place of employment… or AGE! You’re obviously trying to steal their identity.

Holding stuff in is such a frikking burden for me. But the consequences behind poor timing or being deemed inappropriate are to much to risk these days. And why?

Because we’re all betting scared money.

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