Sitting here texting my best friend about said crush and it occurs to me that I have not ever pursued someone. At least not as an adult. I’ve like people, of course. But actually pursuing someone I like? No.

I am so not built for Cuban links.

It’s funny how life is made of these mini challenges. It’s as if these situations are pre-designed to assist you in strengthening core muscles you will need to achieve your purpose. Life drills you must go over and over to be prepared for the actual life-drill.

I can’t say anything will come of this but what I do see is that for the first time I was more concerned that my “weird” would be a turn off than my “weight”.

I wish we lived in a world where my size didn’t matter but it does. And for some people no matter how awesome I am, romantically, it’s something they can not get pass. (the asshole in me has a joke but I’m off self-deprecating humor for 2014). I can’t be mad at people for that. We all have and deserve our preferences. Really, it’s their loss.

I guess that’s why as pursuing goes, I’ve been passive in the past. It’s definitely easier to just take what’s given to you rather than go get what you want. However, I’m not feeling that anymore. I’m not feeling the dormancy. I’m not feeling the passivity. I’m not with the complacency.

This isn’t all related to a partner either. It’s also about friendships, creativity, business. I’ve met a few cool people who I’d love to get to know but I refrain. So I’m going to jump out there, face first. Why the hell not? Considering everything else I’ve overcome this year why not go balls to the wall for it all.

I didn’t even intend to rhyme that.

*pops collar*

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