I love hard. Really hard. All I want is the same in return. I want someone who can match my investment. I don’t need someone who feels like they need to create a person that I will be interested in. I don’t need you to like poetry. I don’t need you to be a brainiac. I need you to be you. Be honest. Be open. Be sincere. Be emotionally mature.

I cannot invite someone in my life who is so narcissistic that they cannot see past their own pain or acknowledge the person sitting right beside them, through all that pain, trying to help them through it.

I need someone who can communicate. I am super random. And I may send a text at 2 in the morning. I don’t expect them to be woke. But have more to say than “lol” or “dope”. How is that too much to ask?

I’m off the #foreveralone shit. I’m far too fucking fabulous for this heart to stay contained. I appreciate my past experiences because they helped me grow. They made me better. However, I’m not interested in making past mistakes. I’m interested in growing. Growing with someone who takes their commitment as seriously as I do.

Damn, what does that cost these days? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to be relationshiped up like tomorrow. Or this year for that matter. But right now, even finding people to be interested in is a task. I ask myself is that fear or the power of discernment?

I don’t expect you to make my friends your friends but you will need to accept them. They are my extended family. And, also, know where you want to go. I catch pause with anyone over 30 still floating. What are you doing to actively work towards your goals?

I feel like I’m hunting for red october. Am I not making sense?

Why is some of us can’t realize what we had WHILE we had it? Don’t fight for me (or fight me out of regret) once I’m over it. Fight to keep me. Match or exceed my effort (you won’t but the trying is cute). I mean it isn’t hard. Listening is 90% of it.

I say: LISTENING IS 90% OF IT.  *rolls eyes*

Ugh. I quit.

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