I call myself old. It’s playful and frivolous. I’m not afraid of age. I think having the chance to grow into life and move along the stages of a journey from learning to learned, from learned to reflection, from reflection to wisdom is a blessing.

No, I’m not afraid of age. I’m afraid of standing still.


I sat mesmerized
By the light brown fire

A smile captured
Long thought
In a past
torn down
Like wall paper

Glory be
To the light brown fire
Reminding me
How good it feels
To stay

Counter Measures

My progress is slow but it is progress. I get so taken aback when I find myself knee deep in useless thoughts. I see that it is really hard to trust. It is really hard to believe. You don’t want to be wrong or to be misguided but your faith empowers you. It gives you a leg up when you feel like you have no legs at all. However, it requires that you allow yourself to live in the space where you want to be not in the space where you are or have been. How difficult is that? You have to already see yourself standing on the peak of your mountain, your hardship, your challenge, not at the starting tape. You must be so delusional as to disconnect from what is and exist in what shall be in order to manifest what will become.


Hateful Deceit

I don’t care enough about you to give you my cruelty.  And make no mistake, you have to care entirely too much about something or someone to be cruel to them. Even if it comes naturally. Words come to me naturally but I still have to put thought into their order and design.

We always have a choice. Even if you are driven by the spite and anger, there is a moment just before your rage consumes you. Anyone who is not a psychopath has this moment. In this moment, you have a choice. You can falter to your superficial, insecure, rageful whims or you can pull back. You can pull back and find compassion for someone else and strength within your self. You can take that moment and choose to grow.

What we want and what we get do not always sync. How we respond to those let downs will create an atmosphere for creating more opportunities to get that synchronization to connect.

Choose to be nicer. Everything you want depends on it.