Let’s set the foundation here: I don’t need you to be wrong in order to be right. Please pick your brain up out of your feelings. You being wrong has absolutely nothing to do with my rightness.

I’m not sure who you people are used to but suggestion is to demand a refund on these insecure lace figgas who need to prove you wrong in order to validate a very wounded sense of self.

I don’t aim to put people down, make people feel dumb or incapable. Again that’s what hurt figgas do who have a hug deficiency.

My aim is to empower everyone around me because guess what, the way my ego set up, it means I look better. Encouraging “rightness”, independent thought, debate as a skill, and articulation as application of knowledge actually benefits me in my team, close friends, significant other and family.

If you constantly in your feelings because you see the rightness in what I’m saying and flaw in your own thought catalog why not believe in yourself enough to know that you could think clearer, learn more, research, stay knowing.

At the end of the day NONE OF US know every thing. If you are out here trying to make people think you do, the only ones falling for it are people in the same sinking ship of despair and loneliness as you.

Friends don’t let friends drown in dumb.  Maybe if your end result was simply to know more and understand more instead showing off and putting people down then you wouldn’t be struck by a bullet that wasn’t even fired at you.

Perception is 9/10 of the flaw. If what I said struck you, start by asking yourself the first question: is this a so spot for me? Be real enough to leave it there if you know it is and work on you. If it’s not then move on to the next question: was this malicious intent?

There’s levels to this. There are absolutely people out there who live to put other people down with some faux sense of superiority. It’s undeserved and usually completely inflated. If you truly want to be steeped in rightness, do the world a favor and push not to be one of them.

Love & light

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