Past Attempts

… I never asked for your bravery
Your body
Your pretense
Or your pardon
I only asked for your truth
Sitting at the base of it all.

The Results of Being Loved too Little for Far too Long

Don’t look at me
Im sloppy and scarred
And quite spectacular
I’m the dumbest genius
The family can’t hide
I don’t roll my neck
I can’t fake my snide
I love hard
I fail big
I’m the shortest book
Open stretched far too wide
Yes I have sinned
No I’ve never lied
Pull your judgment off my spine
Long enough to finger my chapters
I’m no pulitzer
To a small attention span
Sinister selfishness
Can’t deal with my consideration
I’m my own worst enemy
But that makes for all the best villains
I beg for your applause
See me sitting in your front row
Cheering you on
Praising your dance
With crashed helicopters
And boys who can’t love you
Quite like girls can
This is my sonnet to myself
My realization
Of how gahtdamn good I am
At being bad
At being me
At being everything
No one else could just quite be
And that’s just fine
For the life I plan to lead
A back alley loft
Colored in scriptures
And promises like peeling adhesive
Where the bandages have worn off
I wanna write sad poetry
And love stories
People will call farfetched
Widdle baskets to do laundry in
And get my fingers sticky
With the lights on
I intend be overweight all my life
But obese for not much longer
Because I’m shedding these burdens
Letting go of these people
Who couldn’t understand
The nuance
In loving a wretch like me
I’m not here to gain your approval
I’m here to prove
I’m strong enough to disregard
Your rejection
And I do declare
That is just the right amount
Of sugar
For this sweet life
Look at God.