What I was trying to whisper

To you that day


Under the sky

Was just a reflection

Of these emotions

Flowing through me


Can’t you see that

If you could just not move

Stand here

With me

And feel


Tune out all the voices

And listen for the heartbeats

You can’t literally be inside me

(it’s impossible to be in two places at once)

But you can still tune in

Imagine a brush stroke

You have a blank canvas

And a paint brush

You know you’re supposed to make something


But what


What do you create

Just dip the brush in the ink

And stroke it

It doesn’t matter whether it’s left or right

Up or down

Center or right edge

What matters

Is the stroke now exists


And that stroke adds

To those that come after it

To make a picture

Your picture

Your creation

And you own that

The strokes

The canvas

And the perfect reflection

You never set out to create


A reflection

But now it’s there

And you see it



And today

Under this sky

When I see you

And feel this heartbeat

Every touch

Every word

Every shared experience

Makes sense

Makes a new stroke

To our perfection

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