Bad things happen all the time. But our bad things, those things that happened to us reprogram us. they change us. No. They subdue us and take over. And most of the time we don’t realize that person we think we could be is there
That beautiful, fractured person never left…
There are so many factors in this world to a peace of mind. So many things that work to give us this illusive peace that I’ve heard so much about.
You can’t search for it though. You’ll never find it that way. Looking for it when you don’t know what yours looks like will only lead to imitations of what peace looks like for someone else. And the disconnect would only serve to fracture you more…
No, you have to find that person inside you and free them. That requires stripping away all the sores and cuts and scars and damaged thoughts that cover the person we’re meant to be.
There is a connection amongst all living things and it has something to do with the bravery of the heart. I’m too dim to understand it all but hopefully one day…I find it. Peace of mind, I mean. Hopefully, it begins and ends with love. Hopefully I’m brave enough to hold on to it all.
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