Apparently this was Occupy Wall Street inspired. Or I was just feeling completely useless this day. Who knows.


I have been no where

and done no thing

but killed time

a million ticks

track masters that haunt each beginning

a million tocks

reminders of another chance


I have seen more opportunity

than I have taken

Won more arguments

than I’ve started

bragged on useless coutermeasures

as a way to justify my achievement of failure

this is the merriment

of peasants

the 99% of the 99%

that dreams for the peace of sleep

a seasoning sprinkled amongst our despair

only tasted on the bed of nightmares

a reminder of the stronghold

holding us down

like the sole of a shoe

attached to a god too big to hear our screams

or like a wall street

paved firmly over compassion

grown so enamored with the stench

of it’s own success to care

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