Uhh, yeah. *Ye Shrug*


It was 3 days later
and the words came to life
Strife seemed ended
A beginning
That I thought would last forever
Never seeming so naive
Steps that led back to gravel
and I loved the rocky road
I loved you enough to forgive
Loved you enough to live for us
But you wanted out
out of your misery
Out of your mind
And I held your hand
Down memory lane
Wanted nothing more than to nurse your wounded heart
Get it to recognize
The reflection was love
Burning eyes
And I needed you
I needed you to consider what we could have been
Ahead of time
Instead too many heartbreaks later
When I’ve had time to consider
That Im not strong enough to survive another tear
My veins won’t survive the wear
The warranty ran out on repair
And I can’t go forward
Too many questions holding me back
Memories that dissipated
Leaving my path barren and cracked
What do I do
How do I trust you
Stop telling me what I must do
Breaks in the wall understand
There’s nothing to get over
I’m trying to find my footing
Standing atop troubled water
Trying to find peace of mind
Instead of this back and forth
Trying to believe in us
and what we’re worth
Im trying to be upstanding
And not run from the pain
I’m trying to lay down my jacket
And help you over the puddle of rain
I’m trying to keep from going crazy
Cuz I can’t change back then
I’m trying to steady my resentment
So at least we remain friends
You want me to see your point
Cuz as usual you just want your way
Doing everything you can
To keep from having to sit and say
Because when time sits still
And what we did becomes heavy on our souls
It takes an act of God
To keep the Devil down in his hole
What is there left to say
When getting over it, ain’t in season
Letting go hurts like hell
But it’s called final straw for a reason

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