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I have to remind myself that some days ever when I think I may be being objective and seeing everyone’s point of view, I’m still seeing it through my limited reach. I wish everyone realized the same. Sometimes we just have to step outside ourselves and listen and see what someone is trying to say about their feelings. But, that requires you to put your feelings and worries on hold long enough to embrace the other person’s sentiment. And sometimes our problems are so big that it just isn’t feasible.

I believe in any relationship we just want to know that that person has our best interest at heart. You want leave me naked in front of the entire school during assembly. Vulnerable. That’s what we all want in some manner -not to feel vulnerable.

I’m not a perfect friend, by any stretch of the imagination. I can be rude and consumed and rather curt when I’m in a funk but I try. I try to make myself accessible. I try to let you know I care and that I value you. I try to surprise you and let you know I was paying attention when you said the thing about the thing that nobody has and Jesus stopped making. I was listening. But we all fall short.

Because we get consumed and focused and lose track.

I don’t know.

I lost the zest for this all of a sudden.