I keep coming back to the beginning.

I get tongue tied when I meet new people. Sometimes I’m so honest that I’m afraid I won’t be given a chance to explain what I mean. I never really mean any harm.

I’m harmless. I’m just a girl who loves words and uses them to invade the darkest places in your eyes and waits for you to realize I already knew your secrets, I just didn’t care. I’m the girl who loves being awkward because it reminds me I’m human and that we all started at the same place.

I’m trying to live.

Make a few friends along the way. And to be honest a few enemies. Never to annihilate. Just good competition. Although, the ego I wear, I inherited. And I try to  be modest most days but still on the rarest occasions I end saying things like, life is just a taste better with me in your head. Swallowed down with a smirk to remind you how sincere I could be if I wasn’t so insecure.

But that’s my truth. Some of it. Wrapped too neat to be believed. Rendering me at your will.

I just want to understand how we all tick.

And make a few friends along the way.

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