The theme in my life right now is change. Not only my life but every one around me. Whether a new job opportunity or missed opportunity or mindset, every one seems to be in a position to move to a different space.

I’ve been struggling with my own understanding of the changes I need in my life. More importantly the consequences of the lack of change.

Why is change hard?

Why do we become comfortable with a broken or poor state of being?

How did I get to this point where the change isn’t optional but mandatory?

I don’t live a wreckless life. But I am understanding that at our worst times we’ve made the same poor choices enough that now the poor choices, or the consequences of, have stacked on top of themselves and are on the verge of collapse. I have the choice to withstand the disload and be burried alive or reverse the effects and save myself.

Why do so many of us choose to be burried alive? What is easier about that choice?

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