It’s 2 in the morning and life stopped

for a second

to drag me to the dark

side of the room

where the memories

i long hid from



with a quench much like water


the distinct desire for success

Falling to my knees


useless when

the bend faded so long ago

These options exist

That require me upright

at all time

No room for the dark

No remorse

for these choices

No pity for these memories

No love for this past

3 in the morning

A wind wraps around me

like the arms of God

I move closer to the window

Closer to the light

One step away from who I was

One step closer to who I shall become

Notions that rise like the sun

Heat through these window panes

Upward like my determination

Walls dressed in purpose

Mimic instead of taunt

A dark corner sits filled with light

Faded memories of a past

that never has to be again

I am sunburned with the breadth of life

bathed in coherent redemption

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