I wear my heart on my sleeve
So there’s no room for ego
We know
On the best days
I can test you
But the rest do
That it’s just you
As I write these sentiments
I always wonder
What it is about me
That God chose
to bring me thru the thunder
Kite in one hand
Pitchfork in the other
just to tune the reflex
And strangers judging my quickness
At forgiveness
Sadly as a weakness
So complex
This living thing
Loving and being
Forgiven thing
I hope I stay afloat
I hope outsiders
Outside of myself
See my progress
Thru the honesty I promote
Infinitely flawed
The nature, it, requires it
But I shall strive to be the best
Until my life goes into retirement
What’s next
The answer all of us wants to kno’
Living lifetimes within the question
Hoping not to get it wron’
Armed with the belief
That my faith will see me thru
Paying tolls across these waters
Aimed to make me blue
Test my waver
My resilience
But I’m too humble in my stance
To play these reindeer games
Get caught in this devil’s dance
So I keep moving
As if I never had the notion
That my character
and my confidence
Is fostered in the motion
I stay growing
And I use my growth
As a way to propel my voice
Charity is never forced
So when I hand you my shirt and sleeve
Keep in mind that
The gift’s a choice

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