I’m being a spoiled brat today. I know this.

I don’t know if there’s something I want and I’m not getting it. Or if it’s the fact that I didn’t ask for something I wanted. Or, am I just plain ass onery for no reasoon. All are quite plausible.

If I could just cry, I’d frikking be fine.

Oh I could tell you about my friend issue. I have Friend A who is really protective and somewhat unstable. Then there’s Friend B who is reserved and analytical. Well they’re about to clash in the worst way. I’m hoping they won’t but since Friend B is about to be Friend A’s trainer for a few days, it’s seeming quite inevitable.

What do I mean by clash? Just some drama and funny acting. But it’s in the work place. My work place. Who needs that?

I’m unsettled about something but I cannot put my finger on it. It’s driving me crazy.

I’m over this…


You know the reason we tell people that we are an open book? So they won’t look too far beyond the pages.

As soon as someone tells me this, I’m instantly more interested. It always means there is a depth to this person. In most cases anyway.

I’m so ass backwards.

Wait, what is that feeling….

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