Love Making

It’s a hand in the fold of your back. Warm. Skin smooth as tomorrow’s horizon. Possibility. It’s a cheek nestled just under your chin. Short breaths that tickle your neck as you swallow all apprehension. It’s the embrace that folds you 1000 times. You’ll never be alone. You’ll never be let go. Heart beats like duct tape keeping two bodies intertwined. Sweat beads down palms full of questions. Eyes avoid lips that whisper, “take me,” like a death bed proclamation. If only we could move beyond right now. If only we could bow out gracefully and seige this forever. This is a walk on the wild side. This is what the natives meant by love making. This is our revolution. Surrender to these arms and let us declare war.


Putting together a book is always an emotional journey for me. I put myself through each piece. I want to see if the emotion or message I’m looking to bring forward is there ready to be exposed. It’s a tedious process that can quickly entrap me. But, that’s a good thing. If I can read it knowing what to expect and get pulled in, the reader, not knowing what is to come, should certainly be invested.

The last couple of weeks have me feeling highly inspired. Interesting how unknowingly anything and anyone can propel you into a state of explosive creativity.

Not sure if all of it will end up in Solitude. I don’t believe all of it is non-specific enough to make good poetry. But, for those that make the cut hopefully it will be well received.

We shall see.


Festival of Wey

It’s Louisiana deep fried sentiment


Split down the middle

Ripe and red

Spit out the seeds

Greedy down south


Growing like tormented insides

Too famished to resist

Dinner table set for 2

Bon appétit

Gorge yourself on what’s in front of you

No regard to those waiting

No intent of what’s enough

Cross every line

With a knife bleeding desire

Pretty food

Prettier table

Accented with the sound of harmony


Pure as cane sugar

Turning tea into addiction

Food into sex

And Louisiana deep fried sentiment

Into broken nuptials

©2011 Dew – Solitude (May 6, 2011)