It is interesting how the heart matures. It expands and makes room as we grow. Your heart will never get to a point where it says, you love enough people. No more.

The same goes for your brain. Your brain never reaches a cap and rejects new information.

I’m along the hardest walk of my life. Losing weight has always been my biggest challenge. The constant failure that I learned nothing from. Today I’m changing this.

I’m brilliant. Not in a bragging, repulsive way. In a survival, stop being modest way that has lead me to appreciate my gifts. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who support me; to meet people who inspire me; and to interact with people who engage me.

My journey is just beginning. My businesses are growing and so am I. My poetry matures and so do I. This is my 2011. No resolution, just resolve. No plan, just action.

I love more, do more, and live more.

This is my growth.

Be well.


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