It is interesting how the heart matures. It expands and makes room as we grow. Your heart will never get to a point where it says, you love enough people. No more.

The same goes for your brain. Your brain never reaches a cap and rejects new information.

I’m along the hardest walk of my life. Losing weight has always been my biggest challenge. The constant failure that I learned nothing from. Today I’m changing this.

I’m brilliant. Not in a bragging, repulsive way. In a survival, stop being modest way that has lead me to appreciate my gifts. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who support me; to meet people who inspire me; and to interact with people who engage me.

My journey is just beginning. My businesses are growing and so am I. My poetry matures and so do I. This is my 2011. No resolution, just resolve. No plan, just action.

I love more, do more, and live more.

This is my growth.

Be well.



There is bravado in my words

Not iced out though

Nothing cold about this warmth

I spread knowledge

Make you think

When you want to run

Like liquid down

Shivering thighs

I take your breath away

Choke on me

I am power

I know what others won’t tell you

I know what you won’t tell yourself

One moment

While I stare at you

Through clear lenses

And appreciate how imperfect you are

You’re focused on the scar

I’m focused on the survival

I’m patient

Any natural catastrophe has to be

I plan to uproot you

Turn your world right side up

I won’t lay you down

I’ll lay you out

Don’t want to be your savior

Just your alternative lifestyle

Put something on your mind

That leaves you thinking

How did you get here

To this place where thought

Is the only comfort you find

You wanted to be oblivious

You wanted to be left alone

You wanted to be

Without ever having been

And now you just are

Recognize the position that you are in

And vibrate

Silky undertones

Like melted understanding

Tracing curves you’re too ashamed to appreciate


Quick motions back and forth

That leaves sensations nestled in places

Only God could create


Move in between who you are and who you could be

Now make a decision to become


Erupt from the inside out

Like an earthquake

We’ll find cover

On steady ground

And I’ll introduce myself

As change

©2011 Dew – Solitude May 6, 2011