Feeling like so much has stopped around me. I’m (not trapped) in this glass box watching shadows move around me. Not all of the shadows have faces. Only faces I recognize stand out. Mouths moving. I hear phrases. Words. Not trying to shut them out. just trying to focus. Selfishly. What’s important to me. Can only hope they understand. Hope they don’t take it personal. Afraid that its all for naught. I don’t want points for trying. I want to succeed. Pass.

Pass over.

Pass Out.

Get up and walk again.

Movement keeps me still.

Peace I find in the days of chaos
Like water running under the fountain
For mouths that thirst
Repair and reap.
I move like lightning when the world says sleep
I sleep when the sun speaks
Hollow points
pierce focal passages
like gangstas creep
drive-by metaphors
Assasinated movement
tip toe sense-making

How many people have you taught the truth to today?

How many have you condemned for not-knowing?

Hypocrites, join me as I grow.
Walk along side the leader of chance taking
Just wandering
Scared to death that the sidewalk leads me back where I started


Out of order and segragated from common




Synonyms, but I digress.

and that becomes the ultimate statment
when asked,

What if I digressed?

Present and past tense

Read once, meant twice over
over me
over fear
over this (makes three)

Either do or don’t

At least I did
Raise your hands, all who have

All who have not
Put your feet on the pavement
And catch up to my stripped down
Window Seat

I’ll be the body at the end of the row
Bleeding individuality
Bleeding purpose
Bleeding goals
Bleeding a once in lifetime chance
to stand up

You can gawk over me
and ask why
Or grab my hand and help me move this mountain

You can gawk over me
and ask why
Or grab my hand and help me move this mountain

©2010 Dew

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