So we finally meet. I expect good things from you and I hope you require the same of me. I look forward to the ups and downs that are customary of new years. New days. We look to you and celebrate your birth. On the surface it seems we celebrate the time. The numbers that come to us and change our days. Actually, it is the opportunity we celebrate.

I take this time to appreciate the opportunity you will afford me. And while these opportunities rest solely in my will to change the life within me, it is still you who will get the credit if I succeed and I who will bare the shame if I fail.

Today reconciles all my failures from yesterday and rewards all my intentions, though still in their infancy, of today. Know that your presence is a blessing. And with this blessing I ask for the opportunity to change. To grow. To have more. To see more. To do more. To be more. My success is completely the reward of my effort but it is you who present me the motivation and the opportunity.

Happy new year, indeed.

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