Chalky aftertaste.
I spit out the rest
(of today),
Disassociate with my experience
(of today),
Glance down memory lane
then suck on powedery aftermath

Movements that call to me.
Calling home.
Wondering how I can look down
on me and find myself
Wandering. How I can look down
and still see where I’m headed.

I left my heart buried there.
kilometers back where tracks won’t stay
You can find me if you choose
You can find me if you can
Just don’t ask for my help
I lost track 
(of today)
Back there.



**My Thoughts on this piece**

Should I start including what these poem mean to me? This one is about living in the past. I don’t want to dictate what others see but I do get asked a lot what this or that means…

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