I’m told I have the rare ability to be me at all times.

I thinks its more that I don’t have the energy or intelligence to be anything else.


-Dew 2009

Call it conditional then

I believe we have a grave misunderstanding of what unconditional love. We see the wrong example continuously in Hip Hop. Or, shall I say in entertainment. In wealth. You see this one-sided dynamic where the primary financial caregiver is permitted to have this decadent unaccountability for their actions while the person they claim to love is side-lined and expected to walk a fine line of faithfulness regardless of what they are out there doing.

Love is more than an emotion, more than an action, it is an all-encompassing gathering of different emotions and actions culminating in an offering unlike any other. It is more than a word, more than a breath, more than a commitment, more than an embrace. We should step back and make sure we are prepared to be loved before we take on the task of loving someone. Because if we have yet to embrace the responsibility of loving ourselves, loving someone else is completely impossible.

What we may think is giving someone our all may actually be a siolent plea to hold on to them or to something that is unfamilarly satisfying. We have to know not only what we like but dislike, what we want and do not want, who we are and are not before we can yield to the power that is wrapped in love.

Unconditional love is not someone loving you even though you did them wrong. This is a childish and limiting frame of understanding for what unconditional love is. Unconditional love is a peak of human interaction. It not only involves what you give but it embodies what you recieve. It means that even after you have done me wrong, I am humble enough, I am in tuned enough to not let your wrong doing destroy me. It means, I won’t hate you. I won’t wish ill-will on you. It means I accept you. I won’t get in the way of who you need to be in order to grow,  in order to understand. I will essentially, love you despite yourself and the hurdles that aim to make you distant, untrustworthy, unkind, etc. I will still wish the best for you, pray from the soul for you even though I can not stand in your line of fire while doing so.

We need to see love through honest eyes. We need to open ourselves to the dialogue of souls. Love-souls, bonded-souls, friend-souls we should begin to see that it is not just what we want, need, see. There is more than us. There is more than just our understanding, more than just our love to give.

Love isn’t a blouse you return once you try it on and it doesn’t fit. It also doesn’t mean you commit to a too-little blouse because your only other choice is to be naked.