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treeI’m loving this Maxwell.

I love how egocentric people can be. And before you say it, no there is a different. Egocentrics not only have an ego but have a complex that allows them to only consider their ego. You see my ego is very well aware that it usually never the only ego in the room, however it may sometimes, on rare occasions be convinced that it is the only ego that matters.

You know what I don’t have the inspiration to finish that because its not really what I want to say but what I want to say would be kicking a dead horse.

I will say this, I have the good books, the Jimmy James Baldwin, Sylvia Prath, Aristotle and Albert Camus waiting on me as soon as this semester ends. Then I can indulge in the literary orgy that has me writhing in intellectual orgasms. And by the time I have come across that sentence, that idea, that theory that sends me over the edge I will look back and have volumes of original oneness to show for it.

The thought does my heart so good.


Dew, twitches.

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