To the bone.

To the bone.

blackoutLate at night
When I’m all alone
which seems to be more than
I would prefer
I gather my esteem
And spread myself
over the day
looking in a mirror
that projects
my fear
And I turn off all the lights
Mute the soundtrack
that scores my marred scene
Wondering if in the dark
I can be found
or maybe just maybe
it will be the dark
that finally whispers
What no oneĀ 
not even my reflection
can see
the rejected silhouette
of a disperate need
to be beautiful

God in Me.

God In Me

This song, is so powerful to me. I knwo some people have their issues witht he gospel in secular form but its them associating the music with the world instead of letting the music do what it is intended to do.

For me, this song is so indicative of who I try to be. I don’t want to force it on you but you will know my heart by my actions and while I’m not perfect, I aim to be as close as possible. Even when it hurts. The world calls me a sucka, but I believe it’s…