Sequence of Necessary Events

I sat in this room with students and graduate and preofessional and found my place. Journalism has never occurred to me as being my calling. I’m far too emotional for nonfiction but at least today, I left that room thinking it’s an option. I am a work in progress.

I’m a listener. I listen much better than I speak and that’s saying something. Today I held tight, let the ideas bounce around inside, formulate themselves, and I look forward to giving them heaping helpings of milk so they can grow to be big and strong and monolithic in there idealism. It’s not that I chose not to speak, its that I had nothing to say. I enjoy the process of learning. Learning people, learning ideas, learning processes and today I learned. I learned that there really are environments where opinions and theories are fostered and nurtured. I learned there are people looking for more than a paycheck but a cause. I learned that customer service is not going to be my razor blade but simply the breadsticks to tide me over til my appetizers come.

Bon apetit.