You can’t see faith in me. You never have reason to look for it. I only have faith in the unseen. I can not tell what’s around the corner and it’s driving me insane. I take deep breaths and pray to the same unseen to give me peace that underlines my chaos. You can not see my faith written into to my skin, my tattoos cover it. You can not see faith in my eyes, my pain makes it too cloudy. You can not see faith in my indiscretions, they are too wrapped in guilt. You can’t see faith in my speech because the comprehension is too powerful. I struggle with the strength to believe in that which has no sense to be made, no truth to be proven, no validity to be spoken. Yet I have faith that I will be led. I have faith I will be protected. I have faith that my path exists. I have faith in that which supersedes your questions, doubts and judgments of me. It is never your faith I ask for, trust me, I wouldn’t have faith in me either.