I am an example of slipping thru the cracks.
Come find me.
You held me in your arms
Admired my potential
Then pushed me as far as possible away from success
Scarred by your indecision
Your previous failure
My Wheaties tasted like your disappointment
Complaints go well with not giving it your all
The perfect way
To lose my way
Is to never have known direction
And now I thank you
For what I could have become
For what I could have done
For what I never will be
For what you made of me
For the days behind me
That I have let go
I am example of slippiing thru the cracks
A product of my environment
Pushed thru
The paperthin opportunity
Presented by fate
No words of encouragement
And even less support
And still I arrive at my destiny.
Come find me.

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