I’m that other kind of tired tonight. I’ve been pulling 13 hours at work and my head feels like its connected to my neck by a piece of string. I’m hoping it’ll be worth it in the end.

I was driving home today thinking about a package that was to delivered to my mom’s house for me. Then  thought about UPS. Which lead me to think about the packages they have delivered to my house before. For some reason I jept thinking about my rug. Its funny to me how they leave the package by putting it under my rug. Like this isn’t conspicuous at all. Not only can they not see the box but they can’t see the rug sitting 2 feet off the ground. No, that won’t garner any attention at all.

No, I’m still not voting for Barack Obama. Love him. I think he’s a great person. He’s charismatic as hell. But I have a problem with the campaign theme he’s pushing at the moment primarily since it didn’t come about til just before Black history month. It boils down to voting for the person I think best fit to do the job. I think its Hilary. When the Democratic Convention is over and if Hilary is not the candidate then I will consider voting for Barack then. Because I see him being more coherent than 72 year old John McCain. And if that last comment offended you, bite me.

Why do people say heart instead of love? Like I (heart) mommy. And they put heart in paranthesis like the reason they are saying it isn’t because there was an actual heart there. Seems redundant. And then you actually say heart instead of love which is what the heart is supposed to be signifying in the first place. And that just confuses the hell out of people like me who spent the last 4 years wondering what the hell I (heart)   fill in the blank          means in the first place. Go play in traffic.

Why do people feel the need to impose their opinions on you? I want your opinion only when asked. Unless you are my friend in which case I welcome your opinion at any time. But, that requires people to attempt to understand the boundaries of friendship. Just because we went to lunch once does not make us friends. Stop telling me about your cheating boyfirend like I care.. Stop leaning over and blowing your hot air on my neck trying to whisper crap about someone else. If I not to fond of you and I really don’t care about them, it should be all but understood that I care even less about your opinion OF them. The grin on my face is not for you, its for the voices in my head making fun of you at this very moment. Now stop talking to me and join the I (heart) idiot in traffic.