I’m not what you want

Space age mind sex

With hands tied

Sealed lips

And Jose Cuervo empty on the counter

Its not what you want

Figments of imagination

Selfish encounters

Of the possessive kind

Educated guesses at soft spots

Fingertips dipped in past relationships

No remorse

For the misunderstanding

Moaning my name

I am not

What you want

Text messages careening conscious


Souls cumming 160 characters at a time

Intentions disguised as Nikki Giovanni

Read: poetry

With no punctuation

No stopping

Only exclamation

But no point

I promise its not what you want

Lay back

Let me convince you to hate me

Right before you hate me

And make me

Give you reason to hate

That you love

Hating letting me go

I know

Its confusing

The attraction

This pull

Not what you want

But what you need

Like a fix


On life indeed

And I’ll talk you thru it

I’ll hold you in warmth

Fill you in places

Martin begged to set free

Mind frame


Bondage is a state of

And I love

Untying hands to an

Undying end

Infinitely locked

Your warning came

In morning just before

You opened the door

After my knock

So embrace your decision to invite me in

To make me right

To solidify your seclusion

To reinforce my ego

By becoming a foregone conclusion

The course of course

Is moving towards a future

Of shadows

Since you can never be my shade

Cup of yellow lemonade

And time will remind you

You had the option

To divorce my point


All that remains

Is a memory

Words echoing like heckling taunts

You can’t have me

Because I am not what you want

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