I can not be the only one who has seen this. Stopped at Mickey D’s today to do a value burger since I’m balling on a budget. I get a drink because its a dollar and I hate paying for water from restaurants. I roll to the window to exchange the goods and what do I see?

Drinks make themselves now a days. I watch this mechanical arm pull a cup down, drop it on a conveyor belt which took the cup to lemon limeny liquid I requested. One the cup was filled, the belt moved it to the waiting hand of the rememdial young man serving me. And I’m not saying that all fast food workers are remedial because a lot of people have made very nice living from the fast food industry. However, this particular young man was.

The more I see machines replacing human function I must ask myself, is it really to make the business run smoother or more economic. Because when it boils down to it, the less you do, the less you think and the less you move, the less I need you and the less I can pay you for what I do need you for.

Who knew McChicken would be man’s down fall?

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