I stuck the syringe knee deep in Merriam Webster

Pulled the stem

Flicked the tip

And injected myself with dope

My veins were dry

So my brain took the strain

My eyes fluttered

As the words travelled

My mouth uttered

I need this knowledge

So let the idea spread inside

As I figure the best way

To sweat it out

I’m high on possibilities

It’s killing me

What thinking can do

And I sit in a dark room


With the light

I might open my eyes one day

But tonight

I will ignore your intervention

Pride has no place in poetry

So you and ego

Can’t save me

I’m wasted on metaphors

Vulnerability sees me clearly

Humility brought me to my knees

All that’s left is to come down

Off this definition

But right now

I’ll write how

The voices in my head guide me

The irony

It seems

Is flowing through my blood stream

Using my fingertips

As a likely escape

I’m addicted to pure uncut

Thought process

And I’m prepared to OD

At any day

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