My 28th year is waving goodbye and I revel in the time we shared. It was difficult at times and quite simple at others. I can’t say where the 29th year will lead me but I’m looking forward to the journey. I found my hearts resolve in year 28 and for that I’m thankful. I gained insight on passion in year 28 and for that I’m grateful. I finally realized how to let go and for that I’m peaceful. I’m not exactly where I want to be. I still have conquered my biggest insecurity but I’m still working on it. I’m in a better place mentally than Ithink I’ve ever been and I’m working to keep it that way.

Time sped up around seventh grade and it seems to have been on fast forward every since. I don’t know when the tape end or stops or ejects so I am trying to stay focused until it does.

Focus is hard. Splitting yourself between thoughts and reality is difficult because they can both influence one another but neither can change with some assistance from me.

I go on. Into year 29 and I hold more people dear to my heart. I hang on to the hope that all that loved me previously still will.

11 days from now I will say goodbye to yet another year of experiences and hello to another  year of possibilities.

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