So much running through my head at the moment. How to love and be loved. How to love and let go. How to live and let live. Someone asked me the other day had I settled for where I am. The question is haunting me although I know when they asked what they were meaning is had I settled for the income I was now bringing in. Money isn’t everything. However it is a key component to all the things I would like to accomplish (excluding emotional needs).

I have been so wrapped up lately I haven’t taken the time to really consider my position or my future. I can’t say that’s not necessarily on purpose. On the one hand I have this great person that I really enjoy being with and getting to know. On the other hand my finances are crumbling down around me.

I know everything will happen in the time its supposed to but as I’ve always said its the meantime thats the hardest to deal with. I got really sidetracked while writing this so I’ll leave you for now.

to be continued…

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