The Bizness

Being complete is a relative state. It is different for all us in results,even moreso in destination but for all us it is the revelation that is universal.


With someone to give the love too
The words have escaped me
My balance lies
In capturing the sentiment
In the middle of the embrace
And relaying the essence
of happiness
Where you can hear it
Beyond my smile

To be Continued

So much running through my head at the moment. How to love and be loved. How to love and let go. How to live and let live. Someone asked me the other day had I settled for where I am. The question is haunting me although I know when they asked what they were meaning is had I settled for the income I was now bringing in. Money isn’t everything. However it is a key component to all the things I would like to accomplish (excluding emotional needs).

I have been so wrapped up lately I haven’t taken the time to really consider my position or my future. I can’t say that’s not necessarily on purpose. On the one hand I have this great person that I really enjoy being with and getting to know. On the other hand my finances are crumbling down around me.

I know everything will happen in the time its supposed to but as I’ve always said its the meantime thats the hardest to deal with. I got really sidetracked while writing this so I’ll leave you for now.

to be continued…

Sin Wagon

My best friend tells me its the body splash, I’m inclined to agree. But I’m not changing it.

Say Hi to the bad guy.

Never Satisfied

Thank you is important. I don’t think I say it enough. I rarely say thank you in front of others unless they are the ones I am thanking. butI am thankful for everyone and everything around me. I am thankful for simple things in my life like my cell phone having reception to big things in my life like the poeple who love me and support me, my talent and my love.

Maya Angelou said, “Thank you is what you say to God.”

Even if you don’t believe in God take the time to absorb the magnitude of what we take to be small gestures. Thank you is a gift. Its reward for action. Its not a requirement.