Bohemian Rhapsody

You haven’t done anything other than be yourself
Yet we fit together lke Meant to Be
On a good day
I’m thinking of you
Almost less than all the time
All the time
I spent looking for someone
Like You
And someone like you
Found me
Grateful doesn’t do justice
To this emotion
Just as emotion
doesn’t do justice
To what I’m feeling
Burns like Ruby Tuesday
On Friday
Today though
I just want to get the message across
That I just want you
Today though
Would go well with a soundtrack
Track 1
You and I
Track To
Track 3
No promises
Track 4
No one but us
And they will oppose us
Days go by and we’ll have more questions than answers
But we’ll have each other
So lets leave them wondering
What sticks us
This close together
And I’ll stand beside you
by commitment.