I’ve been thinking about the truth lately. Not any particular truth but the nature of fact itself. Why is it we tell people we want someone who is honest in our lives but when we get that honesty we hate it? We hide from it. We resent it for showing us the part of ourselves we knew existed yet preferred to disregard.

The fact is we are more comfortable with people who accept the truth we give them rather than those who seek the real truth. Its not that what we are giving people is a lie but more that it is an edited truth.

I pride myself on being honest but the fact is I tend to give only what’s requested even when I know the answer they were seeking. My justification is that they should have been more specific. Does that make me a liar?

What is the truth and how do we become comfortable enough with it to not only give it but receive it? Its one thing to tell someone the complete truth but you must be willing to exert the strength it takes to receive it as well.

I’m speaking more of an inherent truth. A truth that goes beyond what did you do today or how does my hair look? I’m speaking of a truth that conquers us from the inside out. See no matter what we invent to-date our thoughts are still our own. And its those thoughts and intentions that we have complete control of how they are released and who they are released to.

If you think its not much to my question then ponder this: on an average day how many times will you be asked what’s up? How are you? Or what’s going on? On an average day how many times will you say nothing, fine or not much, when the answer is so much more? Routine is no excuse for dishonesty. We’re used to be asked rhetorical questions so we have become accustomed to giving rhetorical answers. But why is that okay?

Questions that delve into our wellbeing or our state of mind should never be rhetorical. And answers to these questions should never be routine. Honesty dictates a sense of self that we have gradually surrendered for the sake of some misguided misrepresentation of being cordial. If you ask me how I am and I tell the truth, what then? will you really be willing to listen to my tales of woe? Or will you be annoyed that I actually answered the question?

Whenin relationships and your partner asks what you want out of a relationship, do you repl honestly or give the convenient answers that will keep them with you? When your friends become incompatible do you face that issue head on or pretend the incompatibility is what adds to the two of you guys charm? Are you working at your job for the paycheck or professional satisfaction?

So much of our daily lives are built on these convenient lies and we walk these paths comfortable and build or principles around justifying our comfortable lies. Is this right? Is this really truth?

I’m guilty. All my friends will tell you, Dew is the honest one. I do everything I can to be as honest as I can all the time. Even when its uncomfortable. I want to get to that point where I can embrace the complete truth. I’m not there and there’s no guarantee I will ever be but the intent, the heart felt desire is there…

That’s got to mean something.

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