This weekend is the capital city classic which is a big deal. I don’t really go to football games anymore but I do like to party with my friends afterwards. I chose to stay at the house tonight, I’ve been running around so much I haven’t taken the time to calm my nerves. So tonight my nerves get be calmed.

Alot of things have been floating around in my head lately. A lot of people I talked to online have disappeared. I’m not sure why. I’m not sure how I ran them off but I’m sure its something I said. I can only apologize my intent was not to offend anyone. I’m not sure how effective blanket apologies are but it applies to this situation.

American Gangster is a great album and the movie isnt too shabby either. Just FYI.

I want another tattoo. I can’t really afford one right now but I feel that feeling that says its time. I have a couple ideas of what I should get but until I know what statement needs to be made, the urge will have to suffice.

I was looking at all my photos and whats missing is the pic of me enjoying myself. I do enjoy myself, ya know. Its just that I end not to have my camera at those functions and when one is present it usuall doesn’t belong to me. And beyond all of that I don’t like taking pictures. So there. But my goal is to take at least one where I’m with the crew having a good ole merry time.

Sorry nothing prolific to say tonight. Just break out the red lights, welcome to the party life…Trying to do your boy like Mike in his prime, Billie Jean, the got damn boy ain’t mine.