If you get it you’re broken too.

While wandering in a field of read I realized the world didn’t revolve around me. My ego called and said it wants its attention back. Carousel dreams like plastic horses made for entertainment move my footsteps in circles. Now words in this field become distorted and the message runs. Who am I to ask the trees to bleed so I can comprehend what’s going on? Not everyone will understand that blood from a tree in this field is ink on the page, well versed. Bled to make sense, laying on a ground walked on by wanderers. Crossed in thought. And disraction make for confusion causing lifegivers to give life in vain. There’s no more room to think straight.

And now that it all makes sense, I’m left standing still in a crooked position. No longer wandering just wondering over the course of steps I can’t take back.

To Rabbit

Since you like to sneak up on me
Here’s something else I can pretend
I didn’t let you find
I still listen to the song
engraved on our dog tags
and think about you
My hindsight
is blurred when sight
shows me wrong
But I’m here
For you
To listen at how wrong I was
Hurt is a sore
That hurts worse when scrapped
And I never intend
to scrap you away
Even if the sore never heals
Its just that
In our today
I can’t be what I was to you
And I don’t know what tomorrow will bring
For me and them
But I will always be present
For you
Even if its not as your heartbeat
But just as your bandaid

Dew 2007

Bohemian Rhapsody

You haven’t done anything other than be yourself
Yet we fit together lke Meant to Be
On a good day
I’m thinking of you
Almost less than all the time
All the time
I spent looking for someone
Like You
And someone like you
Found me
Grateful doesn’t do justice
To this emotion
Just as emotion
doesn’t do justice
To what I’m feeling
Burns like Ruby Tuesday
On Friday
Today though
I just want to get the message across
That I just want you
Today though
Would go well with a soundtrack
Track 1
You and I
Track To
Track 3
No promises
Track 4
No one but us
And they will oppose us
Days go by and we’ll have more questions than answers
But we’ll have each other
So lets leave them wondering
What sticks us
This close together
And I’ll stand beside you
by commitment.